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XiangQi Street fights!

In China was possible to find Chinese chess players on the streets playing for little money, or showing a position, and one had to find the solution. Generally such positions were tricky to say the least.

In 2007 there was a software which took this real life situation, and made it into a program everyone could enjoy. The training was definitely good, and the positions became increasingly difficult to solve.

This is one of the characters I battled against!

Let’s see some of these positions, and enjoy them.

Red to play and win: this is a simple checkmate in one, the first thing which pops in the eye, is the Black advisor pinned by the red cannon. The rest is simple: R8=6 checkmate.

The above position shows a simple checkmate in one move, this time executed by a humble soldier which cannot be taken thanks to the red cannon on the 6th.

After few easy checkmates in one move, it begins to escalate the difficulty:

1.R6+1 K5-1 2.N4-6 checkmate.

Also this position is a simple checkmate in two moves

Red wins thanks to: 1.N6+5 R3=2 2. N5-3 mate.

Red to play and win!

This is also a very simple checkmate in two moves: 1.N3-5 K4=5 2.R7=5 mate

Some positions are very simple, but can help the beginner to understand what are the typical and most basic forms of checkmate. 1.R3+1 K6+1 2.C1-1 mate.

Also this one is a typical checkmate in two moves: 1.N4+6 C6=4 2.C4-3 mate

1. P4=5 K4+1 2. N7-6 mate

This is another important pattern which should be incorporated in the mental pattern library of every beginner.

Red gives up a rook to give the chance to the pieces on the other side to give checkmate.

A rook sacrifice, to lure the enemy general into a position which can be checkmated.

Many patterns are very simple to visualize, and keep in mind.

In future articles, I’ll show more positions coming from different street fights!

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